"Mom, this might be my last chance to tell you I love you."

A text from a high school student who was aboard the ferry that capsized today off South Korea’s southern coast. Four passengers were killed, 55 were injured and more than 280 are missing. (via latimes)

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Airport Scenes by Chuck D.


Airport Scenes by Chuck D.

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Personal favorite from the album.

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Josef Hoflehner

1- Bondi Baths (Sydney, Australia, 2011).

2- Playa Azul (Cuba, 2012).

3- Waikiki Surfers (Honolulu, Hawaii, 2013).

4- Surfers (Hawaii, 2013).

5- Waikiki (Honolulu, Hawaii, 2013).

6- Santa Monica (California, 2013).

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Newark by Ken


Newark by Ken

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Clouds by Collin R Erickson

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Violent Jung after being led to the wrong way.

how i feel about certain humans.. lol

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"Right now, it’s Dating Generation"

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SPOTLIGHT: Tiny Tattoos by Austin Tott 

This awesome photo series titled ‘Tiny Tattoos’ by Austin Tott, a photographer based in Seattle, Washington, revolves around just that. More after the jump:

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34 Hours Left | By Tanner Wendell Stewart


34 Hours Left | By Tanner Wendell Stewart

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it should be illegal to assign anything academic in senior year.

what is the secret to balancing homework, exams, group projects & job applications, resumes, cover letters, e-mails to ~important people~?????

if life’s harder outside of school, how am i going to survive?

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We are so small.

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